A roundup of our 2017 knitting favourites

2017 was a good year for knitting.

1. The Bullet Journal for Knitters

Is there any journal more perfect than The Bullet Journal for Knitters by the very lovely @middelsstrikk? Coincidentally, this was also the most read story on Knit like a Norwegian for 2017.


2. The Project Bag

The Project Bag by @plystreknitwear must be every knitter’s dream. Not only is it stylish and versatile, it features little pockets that perfectly hold your knitting essentials in place.projectbag-4

3. Noragenseren

Not technically a 2017 design, but we couldn’t resist the temptation of putting this one by the very cool @guttenogstrikkemor on our list.IMG_1066

4. Noas revebukse (fox dungarees)

It’s all about the foxes and dungarees, and with the latest addition of a combination of the two by @tusenmasker, we were sold.NoasRevebukse

5. Hand-dyed yarn from Lille Rille Design

With a master’s degree in nanotechnology, Vilde from Lille Rille Design specialises in hand-dyed yarn which has become incredibly popular in the short amount of time she’s been in the game for.DSC07907

6. Anker’s jacket

We don’t think there’s anything that’s ever been as beautifully popular as the Anker’s series by the amazing @PetiteKnit (correct us if we’re wrong!), but the Anker’s jacket tops it all off for us.IMG_9707

7. Strikkere on Snapchat

The original snapchatting knitters of @Strikkere inspired a multitude of other knitters (@polarstrikkere and @vestlandstrikk) which has provided us with insight into the homes and hearts of some of the coolest knitters of today.

8. Elliot the Fox

As previously mentioned, we can’t resist foxes – especially not when they come in the shape of tiny friends who can hang out in your Christmas tipi (pattern by @hipknitshop).IMG_1513 (1)

9. Autumnal colours from Knitting for Olive

We’ve almost had to stop asking the question of ‘what’s your favourite yarn?’ due to the single most common answer being the Danish brand Knitting for Olive – and with good reason. Their autumnal colour palette is out of this world.

10. Merino wool from Sandnes Garn

On the other end of the scale is the slightly bigger and amazingly on-trend Norwegian yarn producer Sandnes Garn with its variety of traditional and modern patterns. Our favourite this year was the classic merino wool.

11. The Alba Jacket

Co-designed by the painfully stylish @idawitre based on the Alba Sweater from @hipknitshop, this jacket proves that you can be bold and go for that full-length item with no regrets – if you’ve got the knitting stamina, of course.P1014818 (1)

12. The bunny hat

Anything with ears on babies is pretty cute, but the Billebælue from Klompelompe in 2017 was next level. Getting stopped on the streets for compliments became a daily occurrence. Matilda akvariet

13. The male knitters

With the addition of Simen Ødegaard from @traa.til and @birgerberge, the male knitters came out of the woodwork in 2017. We can’t wait to see who else is due to arrive in 2018.image1

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