The Norwegian Knitters: A self-proclaimed mediocre knitter

After suffering the loss of her unborn baby at seven months pregnant, Hanne-Ma Hansrud – more commonly known as @middelsstrikk (‘mediocre knits’) – set up her Instagram account. As an antidote to the ‘always happy, drinking coffee at 10am on a Wednesday and knitting’ kind of community, she aimed to portray her sometimes frustrating relationship with knitting. Today, she is the creator of the immensely popular The Bullet Journal for Knitters.

The Norwegian Knitters: From nanotechnology to yarn dyeing

With a master’s degree in nanotechnology for civil engineering, the woman behind Lille Rille Design – who specialises in hand dyed yarn – never in her wildest dreams ever thought she’d go straight from maternity leave with her youngest into a career of dyeing yarn. But today, that’s exactly what she does – whilst slightly wondering if she should get a ‘real job’. 

Support your local yarn shop: The knitting sisters

What started out as a bit of a joke between two sisters quickly transformed into a business idea when they realised the local yarn shop was up for sale. Nearly a year into the business, we caught up with the new owners of Garnstuen in Bergen, Norway to talk about all things knitting-related, from needle preferences (it’s all about the round needles) to their adventurous customers.