The Norwegian Knitters: A self-proclaimed mediocre knitter

After suffering the loss of her unborn baby at seven months pregnant, Hanne-Ma Hansrud – more commonly known as @middelsstrikk (‘mediocre knits’) – set up her Instagram account. As an antidote to the ‘always happy, drinking coffee at 10am on a Wednesday and knitting’ kind of community, she aimed to portray her sometimes frustrating relationship with knitting. Today, she is the creator of the immensely popular The Bullet Journal for Knitters.

A project bag for the modern knitter

After a summer holiday where she spent more time untangling yarn rather than knitting, creator of Plystre Knitwear, Warunee Bolstad, decided to create a solution to her tangled problems. This is how the idea of The Project Bag was born – a bag that was sold out within 30 minutes of launching.